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Francesc Garcia Gonzalo
Principal Investigator
Francesc holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Barcelona (2005). He then spent a decade in the USA, first in San Diego (UCSD, Salk Institute) and then in San Francisco (UCSF). At UCSF, he spent over seven years with Dr. Jeremy Reiter, with whom he made important contributions to our molecular understanding of cilia and ciliopathies. Since late 2015, Francesc is a Ramon y Cajal Investigator at UAM's Biochemistry Department. He is also a faculty member of IIBM and IdiPAZ. Click here to view his CV.
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Pablo Barbeito Gonzalez
Postdoctoral Researcher
Pablo holds a PhD in Biochemistry (University of Santiago de Compostela, 2014). During his PhD, Pablo worked under the supervision of Dr. Manuel Freire to study how the Prothymosin alpha protein controls apoptosis. Pablo then spent a year characterizing plant pathogens at the phytopathology station of Areeiro (Pontevedra, Spain) before joining the Garcia-Gonzalo lab in February 2017. Pablo is studying the molecular mechanisms underlying the ciliary accumulation of specific G protein-coupled receptors.
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Raquel Martin Morales
Graduate Student
Raquel holds a Degree in Biology (UAM, 2012) and a Master in Biotechnology (UAM, 2014). Her master included a stay at La Paz University Hospital Research Institute (IdiPAZ), where she investigated how hypoxia controls primordial germ cell reprogramming. Raquel joined the Garcia-Gonzalo lab in April 2016, where she studies the role of phosphoinositides at the ciliary transition zone. She is the recipient of an FPI predoctoral grant from the Spanish Ministry of Economy (MINEICO) and the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER). Contact Raquel.


Belen Sierra Rodero
Graduate Student
Belen holds a Degree in Biotechnology (University of Cadiz, 2015) and a Master in Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy (San Pablo CEU, Madrid, 2016). Her master included a stay at the Center of Biological Research (CIB-CSIC), where she studied the effects of serotonin on macrophage biology. In early 2017, Belen joined the Garcia-Gonzalo lab, where she studies the mechanisms controlling INPP5E activity and localization. Belen has been funded by the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) from FEDER and Madrid's Regional Government (CAM). Contact Belen.


Ana Martin Hurtado
Graduate Student
Ana holds a Degree in Biomedicine from University of Alcala de Henares (UAH, 2016) and a Master's Degree from Ludwig Maximilian's University (Munich, Germany, 2017). During her master, she spent six months in Dr. Julia von Blume's lab at Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, where Ana researched how proteins travel from Golgi to plasma membrane. Ana joined the Garcia-Gonzalo lab in March 2018 to study transition zone control of ciliary signaling. Ana is currently funded by the YEI from FEDER/CAM. Contact Ana.


Dario Cilleros Rodriguez
Master Student
Dario holds a Degree in Biochemistry from our university (UAM, 2017). For his Final Degree Project (TFG), he spent six months in the Garcia-Gonzalo lab, characterizing the enzyme activity and ciliary localization of several INPP5E mutants. Dario is currently working on his Biomedicine Master at Madrid's Complutense University (UCM). For his Master's Thesis, Dario has rejoined our lab and his former INPP5E project. Contact Dario.


Paula Moreno de la Cruz
Final Degree Project Student
Paula obtained his Biology Degree from the University of Alcala de Henares (UAH) after completing her Final Degree Project (TFG) in our lab, in which she examined the mechanisms controlling ciliary accumulation of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). Starting April 2019 she will rejoin our lab for her Final Master Project (TFM). Contact Paula.

For a list of former Garcia-Gonzalo lab members, click here.


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